Revisit New Hope, Journey of Our Cause



IT WAS 1980s


From an orphanage somewhere in Busan, Korea. It was my home for six lonely years, they fed my rumbling stomach each and everyday. My hunger was healed by these kind people but my heart says otherwise. Every night when I go to sleep with the other orphans, we share a big hall which was converted as our dorm. Our bed is comfortable but our soul was longing for a warm hug. I can hear some children crying every night, at the depth of the darkness, seeing those tears falling down their cheeks is impossible. But my soul felt the chilling sadness. I can say on their behalf, we have the same questions.. Where is my mom? Will there be another family who is willing to adopt me and make me feel what loving and caring is all about?


Revisiting South Korea

I am Han Myung-Ho

Full of hope and courage, I tried looking for my biological parents. I returned to my homeland and let this urge inside my heart lead my feet to the right place. My journey starts with television shows for live interviews and at the same time sharing my story to many. Each shows were exhilarating, the idea that my mom is watching me, crying and fumbling to see me again, but it summoned false memories in my heart. I can have the warmth of my mom, I can finally hug her. But fate was such a courier of sad events... I never seen my mom. Instead I got a glimpse of how I existed into this world. This is how my journey of looking for the missing part of my life ended.

These are the 52 words that defines my birth:

"I was found at 5:10 pm on August 29, 1984 on bus 5 between Suyeong-dong and Uam 1-dong, Nam-gu, Busan. The person who found me took me to the Southern Police Station. The next day the police sent me to an orphanage called the Pusan ​​City Reception Center. This orphanage is now called Namkwang Social Welfare Association."


New Hope


Korea was known as one of the countries that allow international adoption. During those years, thousands of Korean Babies found new families all throughout the globe, having better lives. Today, a drastic increase of abandoned children in Korea has been reported. A church that leaves a "baby box" outside stated that from two babies per month, it increased to 25 innocent motherless children. From 1,200 adopted Korean children ten years ago, it dropped down to approximately 10% annually.

A loving family from Southern France made my life somehow meaningful. I grew up as a normal boy and eventually, got my diploma in Business Administration. I used this as an inspiration in reaching my dreams of having my own business. Today, I am an aspiring entrepreneur via e-commerce platforms. I crafted my passion and put in all my heart, and thus, the birth of Omojjang.




My story is my curse and I turned into a more positive outlook in life. A great example of how an orphanage took care of abandoned babies and I am a living legacy. This story will trickle down decades of generations, passing the virtue and value of helping the unfortunate. Our mission is to send out Korean inspired merchandise all over the world. For each clothing sold in our online store, a percentage of our sales will be donated to the selected orphanage across South Korea. 



To reach and assist thousands of abandoned babies in Korea and ultimately around the globe. If our cause will be heard, we are wishing for all of the online stores, to share this humble goal. Each bed will provide warmth to young souls each night, every plate of food on their table will heal hungry heart, and each help is more than enough to tell the abandoned kids that they are not alone in this world.


Fashion is our blood, our passion is to give back. Our heart sings with joy and fulfillment for each young souls that we are helping. Over the past few years, this dream only stays with a small team. Partnered with small number of charities and that is where we started.


Every purchase contributes to our cause. Fighting!