Korean Name Translator: Translate My Name in Korean Characters for Free

Korean Name Translator: Translate My Name in Korean Characters for Free

Korean Name Translator: Translate Your Name in Korean

What do you use every day, but have never paid for? What is entirely yours but came from someone else? What is personal but is shared with everyone?

The answer is, of course, your name. It is something you will carry with you for the rest of your life and is normally one of the first things you share about yourself. Therefore in Korea, there is a great significance given to your name, it is even considered by some to predetermine your destiny. And parents and family members spend a long time find the perfect name for their children, looking at traditional naming methods, the meaning of each character and syllable and thinking about the future they hope their child will have.

So whether you are interested in how your own name would sound in Korean, wanting too look for a new Korean name or even feeling inspired by your favorite K-Pop band, don't worry we can help you!

We have the answer to a range of questions, such as:

  • How do I translate my name from English to Korean?
  • What would my K-Pop name be?
  • What is my name in Korean?
  • What is my name in Korean Characters?
  • How can I create my name in Korean?
  • What names are the same in Korean and English?
  • How do Koreans write their names?
  • What are the most popular Korean names?
  • Can you help me create my name in Korean?
  • Can you translate my name in Korean?

The Rules

When thinking about your name in Korean it is very important that you understand that it is not important the way you spell your name, the important part is how you pronounce your name- the syllables and sounds.

So the first thing you will need to do is spell your name out phonetically.

Then you need to know the rules:

  • Each Syllable Should Have One Consonant and One Vowel at Least.
  • An R’ at the end of each syllable will be silent.
  • An H’ at the end of each syllable will be Silent.
  • An SH’ at the end of each syllable will be either 시’ or 쉬’.
  • A P’ or a PH’ at the end of each syllable will be either ㅂ’ or 프’.
  • A T’ at the end of each syllable will be either ㅅ’ or 트’.
  • A K’ at the end of each syllable will be either ㄱ’ or ’.
  • One L + Vowel’ in the middle of a name will become ㄹ + ㄹ + Vowel’.
  • F’ will be pronounced as a P (ㅍ)’.
  • V’ will be pronounced as a B (ㅂ)’.
  • Z’ will be pronounced as a J (ㅈ)’.

If you’d like help with your name, our team will be happy to help in the comments section located below!

Some Korean names sound just the same in English

If you would like to choose a new name that is simple for you to say or remember there are some Korean names that sound just like English ones that you could use for example:

Male Names

(No-A) Noah

(I-An) Ian

Female Names

 (Han-Na) Hannah

 (Jo-An) Joanne

Find a Korean name that you like

Another great option could be to look at some popular Korean names and find one that resonates with you. As all Korean names have significance you should be able to find the perfect name that reflects your life, personality or goals. Here are a few of our favorites:

Male Names

  • Ha-Joon (‎준) Meaning: Summer, grand, handsome and great.
  • Chang-min (민) Meaning: Bright, clear, good, strong and tough.
  • Sang-Wook (욱) Meaning: one who will always and well and healthy.
  • Do Yoon ( 윤도) Meaning: virtuous, able
  • Joon Woo (준) Meaning: Handsome, Divine intervention, Protection, and Rain 

Female Names

  • Chun-Ja (자) Meaning: spring, child, innocence, and purity.
  • Ji-woo (지) Meaning: will, purpose, ambition, and universe.
  • Seo-Yeon (서) Meaning: felicitous omen, elegant, beautiful and graceful.
  • Ha Eun (은) Meaning: Summer, Great, or Talented, Kindness, Mercy, Charity, and can also mean Silver, Money
  • Chin-Sun (친선) Meaning: The one who seeks truth and goodness in everything, truth, and goodness

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