Beautiful Korean People: 100+ Photos of Women and Men

Beautiful Korean People: 100+ Photos of Women and Men

A foreign country means foreign customs, cultures, and people – exactly what most of us are looking for.

A lot of things make South Korea great - the music, the culture, the food, and most especially, the people! Korea’s fashion is becoming the one to watch for style-conscious readers in search of the next big thing. This board captures the everyday moments of the amazing and lovely people from Korea.

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Korean women are known for their modesty and at many workplaces, hosiery is a required part of the dress code. Also, they wear stockings to please their partners and lovers.

The "Locks of Love" is a popular location for people to hang locks that symbolize eternal love, and has been depicted in many Korean television shows, dramas, and movies for this reason.
It is a common couple activity consists of the purchasing of a padlock and key, where initials, messages, and symbols can be personally inscribed onto the surface of the lock with markers and pens.
A definite bucket list for couples!
A cute Korean girl playing with a Virtual Reality.

South Korea is known for being technologically advanced. One of these advancements is having a virtual reality museum in Seoul, called the TrickEye museum! All kids will definitely enjoy the amazing mix of art and technology.
Women in South Korea are very creative with their hairstyle - they just love to go for almost effortless yet cute & pretty hairstyles!

Short hairstyles are also made even more popular thanks to them, and they have lots of unique ways to style a short hair. What we can learn from them is whatever hair type you may have - from straight to curly to textured, anything will look good if it is styled properly.
Woman under paper lantern
A Woman standing under paper lanterns in Korea.

There is an annual Lantern Festival held in Seoul, South Korea held every November where hundreds of lanterns decorate the public recreation space of Cheonggyecheon. You will see various types of beautiful lanterns in all shapes and sizes, illuminating the city at night. Such a breathtaking view!

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